The idoba ecosystem

We know that in order to have different outcomes, we need to approach

doing business differently.

idoba is an innovation ecosystem. We identify and solve problems by connecting technology offerings, expertise, and (mostly but not exclusively) energy and resources sector technical capability, to co-create a better future. We have worked in operational roles, so we understand the true challenges of balancing the demands of today with those of tomorrow. In offering both bespoke services and human-centred tech products, our approach is grounded in reality but ensures the improvements are sustainable long after we leave. It’s through our talented network and unique ecosystem approach that allows us to rapidly solve your problems that many others haven’t been able to.

Think you want to see what we’re up to? 

Problems we’re currently solving…

How can we improve fragmentation to reduce dilution?  What can we do with old mine sites?  How can we invest in resources sustainably? 

How can we improve fragmentation to reduce dilution?  What can we do with old mine sites?  How can we invest in resources sustainably? 

Our Services

Our management consulting businesses, ImpRes and Sandpit, have saved clients billions of dollars across ESG, technology, and business improvement sectors.

With Optika Solutions, our industrial mathematics and data science team, we can now digitise these approaches to make results last across incremental, transformational and/or disruptive change. The addition of Orelogy, our mine planning consultancy team, means we can combine the power of ImpRes, Sandpit and Optika with deep mining domain expertise to transform the way things have always been done in the sector. And Atomorphisagent based simulation allows clients to visualise and solve problems in new and creative ways that are deeply grounded in the reality of making a mine work. 

Our Products

There is an argument in the resources sector that digital has failed to live up to the “revolution” we all expected it to be.

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The change has been more evolutionary and at times disappointing. ESG and the race to find alternate energy sources is now driving a necessary revolution, and technology holds the key to be the rapid response we need. idoba is therefore a services and products business, with a focus on the resources industry. Our collaborative ecosystem means we draw on talent from each of our businesses to solve gnarly problems, focusing on products like “Better Blasting”, “Better Blending”, “Smart Supply Chains”, and “Better Bidding”. These pave the path in our new way of operating through DiiMOS – a Distributed, intelligent and integrated Mining Operating System. 

How does it work?

When you work or partner with us, you’ll not only feel the buzz of energy and passion, but be an important part of it.

The first step we take is helping our clients get clear on their gnarly problems.

We then approach the problem by forming a swarm of idobans from across the ecosystem based on their unique capabilities. Herein lies the power of the ecosystem – as the wide range of experts in their fields can organically swarm in and out of a project as needed, allowing for a great deal of agility, creativity, and adaptability – ingredients vital to rethink, transform, and disrupt.

Want to be part of the buzz?

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Problems, products, and...practicality 

We love our customers problems more than we love our own solutions.

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That means that we see YOU as a fellow sleuth, worker bee, and better future co-creator.

We experiment and prototype with our customers wherever possible. Our agile approach is always evolving based on our collective needs. This iterative process delivers real solutions in quick bursts, which means we can fund the process through the value created along the way.