The idoba Story

Once upon a time (well, 10 years ago),

there were two businesses

A graphic showing a path leading somewhere

Born out of the desire to disrupt, transform, and innovate the resources industry and beyond, they were a group of curiosos who wanted to create new pathways to a better world. 

Bucking traditional hierarchies, they practiced what they preached and worked together in new ways – using intuition to clear the path and diverse expertise to set the paving. This new path caught the attention of a contract mining services group – Perenti – who wanted to support their new ways and learn from it as well. 

After acquisition by Perenti, it wasn’t long before this new partnership realised their pathway was headed toward something great. To help achieve this greatness, they ambitiously decided to form an ecosystem of businesses. This ecosystem would combine the diverse capabilities needed to tackle the challenges of rethinking, transforming, and disrupting the status quo of mining and beyond. 

This pathway to greatness however needed a name, as well as an understanding of the shared destination. Using their toolbox of very human skills + very advanced computing, they agreed they wanted their course to beckon those on a similar journey and serve as a foundation for knowledge to grow in partnership and grow the ecosystem. They realised that, in fact, they were building the cornerstones to a better future, and the only way they could get there is through true co-creation – amongst themselves, their clients, their partners, and everyone else involved.

They called themselves idoba;

and it wasn’t long before the ecosystem grew with the addition of
Optika Solutions,
Orelogy, and Atomorphis!

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Our People

If there’s anything more important to us than co-creating a better future,

it’s the people that are making it happen.

Our diverse ecosystem is buzzing with people who bring an array of unique experiences and perspectives. From astrophysicists to architects, artists to engineers, you’ll find the weird, the wise, and the wondering roaming our hallsWhether you’re neurotypical or neurodiverse, female, male or gender neutral, from far and wide or just nearby…your thoughts are needed. We make it our priority to intentionally create a space where everyone can bring their whole imperfect selves to work. We believe that this is the only way people can both have a meaningful experience and solve meaningful problems that disrupt, transform, and innovate. 

Are you weird, wise, or full of wonder?

Our Promise

We’re not afraid to admit that we have a lot of heart

and we think it shows in everything that we do.

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While we don’t always know what the next day will bring, we’re constantly checking in with ourselves to focus on what we know is true, and these truths have become our promise to you:

We will solve the complex problems together through co-creation.

We will always believe a better future is possible and approach this belief with energy and hope.

We will create a sense of belonging, acceptance and inherent diversity.

More Than Words

You can call them our values, guides, principles, beacons, ethics, morals, standards, idoba-isms or truths.

It doesn’t matter what they’re called because this list of words is more than just a list of words. These words are what we stand for, live by, and come back to day after day.

We are:

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We believe in embracing diversity of thought to develop something new.

Graphic showing four shapes

We want you to be who you are – there is no fit, only add.

Beaker graphic

We love to ask questions, and seek fascination. We don’t do “meh”.

Mountains graphic

We have a passion and perseverance for long term goals.

Heart graphic

We don’t shy away from uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure, we know it helps us shine.

Jigsaw puzzle graphic

We love connecting the dots, seeing the big picture, and gaining greater understanding.

We lift each other up, and aren’t concerned with being the smartest person in the room.

Megaphone graphic

We speak our minds and straight from the heart.

Rocket ship graphic

We don’t aim to please the status quo, we aim to challenge it.

Sound like something you can get behind?

Our Name


Derived from eidos meaning 'essence' or something that is seen or intuited

ba a Japanese concept of knowledge-mobilising space, a context which harbours meaning: space / connection / meaning / knowledge

Pronounced “eye-DŌH-ba”